Storytelling with a vision

“Synergy is the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts; and I firmly believe this stands true in the collaborative art of filmmaking. With focus on telling stories with an artistic vision and strong emotional connection.”

About Michael Tebinka

Michael Tebinka is a cinematographer based in Sweden. His work is a blend of artistic creativity and technical expertise in the realm of moving images. Michael’s portfolio is diverse and expansive, ranging from narrative films and commercials to engaging documentaries and art house projects.

Michael’s journey into the world of images began in the domain of stills for both print and online media. It was during this early phase of his career that he discovered a deep-seated passion for narrating captivating stories through the medium of photography. His quest for honing his craft took him to the hubs of Singapore and London, where he studied video art and 3d stereoscopic film respectively. This rich learning experience allowed him to develop a unique visual language that harmoniously merges light and shadow. Today, his signature style is much revered and appreciated by his audience.

Michael’s work is distinguished by a unique aesthetic sensitivity that is coupled with an impressive technical proficiency. He has a unique poetic vernacular that sets his work apart. His dedication to both the artistic and technical facets of film has significantly contributed to his extensive experience in production. This diverse experience has honed his adaptability skills, making him highly responsive and capable of effectively handling the ever-changing conditions and challenges that are part of a film set.

Beyond his professional abilities, Michael is multilingual, speaking Swedish, English, Spanish, and Polish. This enhances his adaptability in international projects and his ability to communicate effectively both on and off-set.

Awards (selection)
2021 – Best International Cinematography Tomorrow Island”, Kinofilm Manchester International Short Film Festival, United Kingdom
2020 – Winner Blackout, ARRI Unspoken Nordic Challenge 2020, Sweden
2019 – Winner SILVER Best Cinematography Tomorrow Island”, Queenpalm International Film Festival, United States

Member of
Association for Independent Filmmakers (OFF) in Sweden

2024 – Prevent – Safe on Set
2023 – University of Salford, United Kingdom – Certificate in film loading 16/35mm Arriflex camera systems
2021 – Remote Pilot Certificate A1/A2/A3
2019 – ARRI – Certified Online Training for Large-Format Camera System
2019 – ARRI – Certified Online Training for Camera Systems
2019 – ARRI – Lighting Technology Certified Training
2013 – Ravensbourne University London, United Kingdom – Master of Science – 3D Stereoscopic Media
2009 – Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore – Bachelor of Arts (Hons) – Video Art

Michael has extensive experience with a wide range of filmmaking tools, from cranes and motion control to aerial equipment. He is a commercial drone pilot and owns two camera kits, the Arri Alexa 35 and Red Scarlet-W, along with Angenieux zoom lenses, Schneider Kreuznach prime lenses, and a drone.

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At the film set during production of ‘the dream machine’ in 2022. Photo by: ALEC Toselli

Michael Tebinka is a cinematographer based in Sweden working with narrative film, commercials, documentaries and art films.

Studio Location

Järnvågsgatan 5
Gävle, Sweden