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“Synergy is the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts; and I firmly believe this stands true in the collaborative art of filmmaking.”

About Michael Tebinka

Michael Tebinka is a Director of Photography based in Sweden. At the border between artistic and technical exploration in moving images; Michael’s work spans across Narrative Film, Commercial, Documentary, Music and the Performing Arts.
Starting his career as a stills photographer in printed and online media he quickly found a passion for telling stories through images. Trained in Singapore & London, he developed a visual language that fuse light and movement into a form that is much appreciated by his audience today.
Michael’s works are characterised by a distinct aesthetic sensitivity, technical proficiency and a unique poetic vernacular. His dedication to artistic and technical development of film has contributed to his experience in production, making him highly responsive to ever changing conditions and challenges on set.
Michael is multilingual and speaks Swedish, English, Spanish and Polish.
Member of
Association for Independent Filmmakers (OFF) in Sweden
Associate member of Colorist Society International (CSI)
2024 – Prevent – Safe on Set
2023 –
University of Salford, United Kingdom – Certificate in film loading 16/35mm Arriflex camera systems
2021 – Remote Pilot Certificate A1/A2/A3
2019 – ARRI – Certified Online Training for Large-Format Camera System
2019 – ARRI – Certified Online Training for Camera Systems
2019 – ARRI – Lighting Technology Certified Training
2013 – Ravensbourne University London, United Kingdom – Master of Science – 3D Stereoscopic Media
2009 – Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore – Bachelor of Arts (Hons) – Video Art
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At the film set during production of ‘the dream machine’ in 2022. Photo by: ALEC Toselli

Michael Tebinka is a cinematographer based in Sweden.

Studio Location

Järnvågsgatan 5
Gävle, Sweden